Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Little Hands-On abc's and 123's - Alphabet Floor Games

little handson Abc 123

ABC Floor Circle
Although the above looks like it may have taken a long time to do, in reality it took less than 15 minutes and all you need is some masking tape.  I taped these while my almost two year old played next to me.
How to use your new ABC floor circle.
  • Have child run around it.  Call out a letter (or letter sound, or a word and ask for beginning or ending letter of that word).  Child stops on letter called. This is a great way to burn energy on a rainy day.
  • Pair with ABC bean bags (or foam letters or even ABC magnets if you don't have bean bags). Give child (or have him choose) a bean bag and have him match it to the letter on the floor.
  • Pair phonetic objects (remember these two lessons?) for child to match beginning consonant sound to the correct floor letter. 
  • At circle time (because, you now have a circle for circle time) have the child sit on a particular letter.  Practice sitting still on a letter.  Don't wiggle over to the next letter!
  • Stomp on the letter called.
  • Point to the letter called.
  • Have a sister call out the letters and show exactly where they are!

How else might you use the ABC floor circle?

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Vee_writer said...

I love this! We've done the masking tape (we use blue painter's tape) indoor hopscotch, but I never thought of making the alphabet. I think my little guy would love this. Thanks for the great idea!!

Jeremy Seminoff said...

Looks fun! We did a masking tape rainbow--just stripes in an arch on the floor. Then the kids found things for each color of the rainbow and filled in the empty stripes.

Lilla said...

I love it! Thanks.

Mkiley32 said...

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Marvelous Mommy said...

Love this idea! Really neat! :-) 

Melissa Lanzarotta said...

great idea...just one did you get to the point where they recognized the letters?  I am just starting with an almost 19 month old and feel like we are behind becuase I had decided to start at 2

Angell said...

How cool!

I wonder what other things we could make with masking tape. Remember the kid show back in the day called "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?" I want so bad to be able to put a map on the floor like they do. Maybe I could do that with masking tape. It will take me awhile though lol!

Carisa said...

You certainly are not behind!!!!  All kids will show an interest in ABCs at different times.  Follow your child's lead!  My 9 year old did not identify his letters until he was closer to 4!  Krash learned around 2 and Ladybug also-but Pac is definitely not delayed because of his late ABC knowledge!  He just had no interest in ABCs at a young age and the other 2 did!

Carisa said...

That is an awesome idea!!!!

Carisa said...

If you do that-please show me!!!!  ;-)

Amy Harriton said...

What a great idea! I hope to set this up this weekend. Thanks for sharing!

Melissa Lanzarotta said...

So how did you choose the oldest ones lessons?  I am trying to do lots of alphabet and number stuff...right now he is jsut starting to talk so maybe I jsut need to be patient and work on words with him

Chrisleslied said...

i am a developmental specialist. kids can learn letters and numbers early but those are rote skills at that age. real understanding and meaning and being able to apply the knowledge of these symbols won't happen until four or later. many kids start kindergarten and don't know letters!  stop worrying. these are fun activities to do to get them started. let them be babies!

Liesl Wells Thompson said...

I drew a map on a clear shower curtain to do something like this.  You can tape it to the floor so it doesn't move around.  My children also like  to pretend to be weather men with a video camera with it taped to the closet door behind them.

Liesl Wells Thompson said...

This is a great idea!! You could also use it to spell words later.

Nutmeggz said...

Trace letters with finger