Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Play With Me ~ Fraction Action

This month our Play With Me toy a fun and colorful math toy from Guidecraft ~ Fraction Action and Fraction Cups


Both are wooden fraction manipulatives made from an eco-friendly rubberwood and then stained with low VOC aniline dyes ~ safe for even your little ones to chew and drool on. See?


The Fraction Action Board is 9.5” square and not quite 1/2” tall and for ages 2 and up. The set has 18 stained wood pieces that fit into the nine shaped spots on the self-storing board: circles, squares and hexagons. Each shape has fraction puzzles of varying difficult ~ whole, halves and thirds. The Fraction Cups are four great little portable puzzles containing 10 pieces that explore the fractions of halves, thirds and quarters. Both sets come with a simple activity booklet for use with your child.

Here are a few fun things that you can do and create with the Fraction Action toys to extend your learning with your little one:

~ Have fun tracing the shapes together


~ Stack the blocks as high as you can!


~ Pretend to slice the circles using a wooden or plastic knife. This is a great way to practice fraction words: whole, half, thirds, and fourths.


~ Have fun duplicating the fractions using Mama Jenn’s Education Cubes along with the Fraction Pie insert cards. Older kids can roll the cube, tell the fraction shown, and then duplicate the fraction.


A few more ideas for using Fraction Action and Fraction Cups:

  • sort the pieces by color
  • create simple color patterns {orange, yellow, orange, yellow}
  • create simple shape patterns {circle, square} after creating shapes with the pieces
  • create a hands-on graph with the pieces once you have sorted by color ~ which color do you have more of?

Much thanks to Guidecraft who provided this toy for us to use and review as a part of the Guidecraft Mom Bloggers team.

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