Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Little Hands-On abc's and 123's ~ Teens and Tens Hopscotch

little handson Abc 123

I love painter's tape and use it frequently in our house.  Whilst Bear could count past twenty at two and a half, she needed practice recognizing the numerals.  This is when I came up with our very own teens hopscotch board taped to our floor.

If your child is ready to start learning numbers beyond 20, a hopscotch board can be made with tens.  Instead of 10, 11, 12...20 in the squares, put 10, 20, 30...up to 100.

Come to think of it, you could do a hopscotch board for skip counting twos, threes, fours, fives, etc. 

Ways to play: 
1. Call out the numbers as you jump the grid.
2. One calls out a number and the other has to jump onto it.
3. Collect the number of items of each square of the grid and place them on the hopscotch board.
Another great way to incorporate active play as you learn.

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Thehauffamily said...

Thank you for this post.  My son is really struggling with counting to 20 and he LOVES hop scotch.  I would have never done this.  We are going to do this today!  Thank you for the wonderful idea! I've been trying to come up with cleaver games for 10-20.  BINGO is another good one if another mom's child is struggling. 

Neri Diaz said...

Thank you for this idea!  I think it would be great for my kids to use and learn multiples.  I had been doing so with a song but that gets boring for them.  Hop Scotch is fun for all of us. ;-)

Jennifer said...

Great idea! My little guy can count to 20+, but he always forgets 13 for some reason! This would be a good way to reinforce 12, 13, 14,15... without frustrating him.

Growing A Godly Girl said...


It's so funny that you posted about this today.  L recently got 1-10 hopscotch tiles for her birthday.  We've been using them in tot school this week and it has done wonders for her number recognition.  I'll be posting about it this weekend. :-)

Wendy said...

I love your blog!!! This post is fabulous for the wee ones!!