Monday, September 12, 2011

Touch, Feel, Learn ~ Butterfly Life Cycle

touch feel learn

It’s time to explore the world around us and have some fun learning about butterflies and making a butterfly life cycle.


Whenever we are reading about butterflies I grab one of my favorite books, From Caterpillar to Butterfly.   After reading about the amazing transformation from caterpillar to butterfly we put together our own butterfly life cycle.

Our caterpillar eggs are tiny pompoms we glued to a leaf.



Aiden glued pompoms together to make a caterpillar and added wiggly eyes.



To make the chrysalis, the kids covered a plastic egg with white Crayola Model Magic,  added a hook screw to the top before the clay dried as a way to hang it, and painted it brown.


The butterfly is also made out of a plastic egg.  I cut the wings of some pretty cardstock and assembled everything with the hot glue gun (head, eyes, antenna, and proboscis ~ we didn’t want him to get thirsty!).  I glued a piece of string to the middle of the butterfly so we could hang him.


We attached everything to a tree branch that I hung on the wall with 3M hooks.  Note:  If you want to preserve this I suggest use an artificial tree branch.  Ours started wilting after a couple of days ~ it lasted long enough for us to finish our butterfly study.

Touch, Feel, Learn is a fun feature that focuses on science and nature activities for little ones.  Click here to see past Touch, Feel, Learn ideas.



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