Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Simply Made: "Spaghetti" Spelling

Sometimes we're not in the mood for playdough around our house, but we still need to work on letters and how they are formed. Or maybe, mommy just isn't able to supervise the use of the salt tracing box because she's busy working on a meal or attending to the new baby. That is how "Spaghetti Spelling" was born. We pretend that our white yarn is son loves this silly name!

Don't laugh at how easy this one is.....You can do this in 10 seconds or less!

White Yarn
Sheet of Felt (dark color is best)

Mommy Prep Directions:
Cut various lengths of the white yarn. They don't need to be very long--just a few inches or so. I cut 3 different sizes ~ some short pieces (about 2-3 inches), some middle size pieces (about 5 inches), and some long pieces (about 8-10 inches). It's not an exact science, I literally "eyeballed" it. The longest size helps with those curvy letters like S, O, Q, etc.
    How to Play:
    Use the yarn pieces to form letters, numbers, or shapes on the felt sheet. For tots that still need some support in letter formation, use a letter magnets or flashcards for help. Even though my son can identify all of the letters, he still needed this support to form them. At times, I noticed he even traced the letter with his finger.

    Now THAT is what I call "Simply Made"...enjoy!



      Scottmangano said...

      Exactly what I think sometimes about play doh.  Great idea!
      Thanks so much,

      Amy said...

      I love, love, love that idea!  So easy! Thanks for sharing.

      Sara M. said...

      You're welcome Amy!

      Sara M. said...

      You're welcome! Enjoy!

      L2L said...

      Oh this is soo much fun!!! And easier than I thought!!! Looked like cooked spaghetti at first, still might try that on spaghetti night, lol!!!! 

      Happybrownhouse said...

      Glad you enjoy this one! Thanks for commenting!