Thursday, June 7, 2012

Curious George Goes to the Beach ~ Beach Mural



Curious George Goes to the Beach

Margaret & H.A. Rey

Summary: One hot summer day, George and the man with the yellow hat go to the beach. What fun George has at the beach! What fun he has feeding the seagulls! It's fun, that is, until they fly away with something valuable and George must find a clever way to save the day.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing some activities to go along with the beach/ocean theme from this book. Today’s craft is to re-create a beach scene. Next week I’ll be sharing a few extra things that we added to ours, but you don’t have to do them all. Just have fun! This is a great family craft and even the smallest child can help.

How to Make a Beach Mural


  • Paint
  • Paper Roll or Construction Paper (for a smaller picture)


  1. Paint the sky, sand and water on your sheet of paper (we added glitter to our paint so that it would sparkle)



2.    Let dry (we went to the park for an hour to avoid the temptation to touch)

3.   Once dry, decorate the scene however you like. We made a few extra things {stay tuned to see what we added next week!!!}. I promise it will be fun!!

Come back next week for some more fun go-along ideas for the book Curious George Goes to the Beach!



Jen@CreativeandCurious Kids! said...

Looks like a cute book!  I actually pinned some creatures for the kids to color for a group beach mural.  I love the idea of painting the background.  Thanks for sharing!!

Jen @ Creative and Curious..

JDaniel4smom said...

What a wonderful mural! We love George at my house.

LaToya {Christian Momma} said...

 My boys love George too. I think they can relate to all the trouble he gets into :)