Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Ocean Sensory Bin ~ What's In The Tub?

It's time for more sensory fun! Our June theme is Oceans. Here are a few simple ideas of what to include in your bin for your Tot to explore!

What's included:
Ocean mat, diver and clown fish (I found these at World Market awhile ago, THIS placemat would also work well.)
I'm a fan of regular-old lacing cards, but Dot-2-Dot lacing... major bonus! These two always get a kick out of anything with letters and numbers so it took zero convincing to try these ocean cards.
This bin was easy-peasy to put together. Water Pearls are too much fun to leave the kids out of the set up. They are tiny hard beads when the arrive, and after four hours in water they are marble-sized, squishy, wet, and too hard to resist running your hand through. (Secret bonus, they have a relaxing, almost therapeutic affect!)
As a test, I let the bin sit for four weeks uncovered. The pearls, while still wet, had shrunk to half their size. The package they arrived in had long since been tossed, so I covered them with water again, hoping it would help. By the next day, when I remembered to check them again, they were back to their marble size and the water was completely soaked in!
This is a perfect quiet time activity. They played hide-and-go-seek with the animals, claimed their favorites, found matches, but mostly just explored. If you haven't tried to make a sensory bin yet, this is the one to start with! It was easy and quick, involved no crafting, cutting, or creating. Your toddler is going to love it! *But please, use this bin under supervision, especially if your toddler is prone to putting things in their mouth.
What's in the Tub? is a monthly feature that focuses on fun sensory tub ideas to go along with the monthly theme at Totally Tots. Click here to see the past sensory tub ideas.


lfrank1018 said...

Looks like fun. I've never tried those water beads before. I bet my daughter will love them. 

Sarah Ronk said...

I've had this bin on our tot shelves for two months. They still play with it every week! I agree, I think your daughter will love them!!

DarcyWiley said...

How have I never heard of these water beads?!!! This looks fantastic with all of the sea creatures swimming. And so fun leading up to or coming home from a beachfront vacation. Good work, Sarah!

Alison said...

Here are some other sensory box ideas: 

:) Alison

Sarah Ronk said...

Glad you liked them! Have a great vacation!!!

lin said...

I couldn't find water beads and someone went on a rant saying they caused cancer .soooooooo I found glass beads (which are probably filled with lead from China) at the dollar tree and hope those work out just as fun! thanks for the ideas!