Sunday, September 20, 2009

Celebrating Your Tot ~ September

Praise God for the lives of these precious tots! If you'd like to wish any of these September Tots a Happy Birthday, just click on their photo or the text link to their Mommy's blog!

Welcome to TOThood...
these little ones are turning 1 year old this month!

Happy Birthday Noah!

Happy Birthday Meadow!

Happy 2nd Birthday...
these tots are celebrating 2 years of life this month!

Happy Birthday Piper!

Happy Birthday Bella!

Happy 3rd Birthday...
these tots are celebrating 3 years of life this month

Happy Birthday Kit Kat!

Happy Birthday Peyton!

Happy Birthday Quinn!

Moving on Up...
these tots will be turning 4 this month!

Happy Birthday JK!

Does your tot have an October birthday? Click here to learn how to send in your info to have your tot featured in our monthly Celebrating YOUR Tots post!

**as our Bday lists grow longer, I am bound to make a mistake :) Please email me to let me now if I linked you wrong, forgot to link to your blog, or got something else wrong-I will fix it ASAP!

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