Monday, September 28, 2009

In My Heart ~ Psalm 17:8...Aa

We are finally starting to implement this at MY house!!!! I am SO excited!!! We are using the In My Heart Bible verse as a part of our new "Raising Rock Stars" homeschool program! You can read more about that here. Each week I will feature the new verse here on Totally Tots!

I was given the opportunity to review the cd Songs for Saplings: ABCs. They graciously sent me this cd awhile back and we were so busy I didn't get going with it really. Then finally I put it in, and it has been playing almost non-stop ever since. This cd is AMAZING!!!!! If the cd itself isn't playing, the songs are still heard, from either the mouths of my boys or from the bigger people (me and hubs)! I will be sharing more about the cd, but in a nutshell, it is wonderful and I highly recommend it. You can get it here, or here.

One new feature is a coloring page for each verse, focusing on the letter and the item beginning with that letter in the verse. Some of the verses are tricky to do this for, but I am finding a way! Thankfully this one is easy-APPLE!

Another new item in the PDF files will be a new flashcard each week. I am printing mine on cardstock and laminating them. We're using for review as we add our new verse each week. We're on Bb and already Krash is loving looking back at his Aa-apple verse!

We will be working our way through the cd, starting with the verse for A this week! Stay tuned for a new pdf file for each song on the cd!

Find the PDF files to download here!

See our intro post about teaching Bible memory verses to tots here.


Teaching My Little BookWorm said...

great stuff look forward to doing the whole alphabet

Amanda said...

Thanks for the CD link. I just downloaded the MP3 from Amazon. It is awesome. The timing couldn't be any better. I'm starting the alphabet with my LO next week!

Mama Jenn said...

Love this idea! I will have to check out the CD!!!

Rachel said...

Thanks for the link -- just ordered the CD; this will be perfect for my toddler, who LOVES music and memorizes songs so quickly.

I do have a quick question -- are you introducing your alphabet "Alphabetically" or in some other order?


melaniet42 said...

What a wonderful idea!!!

jenaecooper said...

Great Idea! I know my LO will be really excited to start this! But, I am running into a problem with the pdf. When I print...there is a big black mark on the page. Am I doing something wrong? Thank for any help you can give!

melissa said...

Thanks so much for your resources! I just started following this today with my two-year old son. It's just what I was looking for!

Koko51sg said...

Hi, I found your blog such a wonderful blessing to my heart.  I have been looking for age appropriate bible resources for my 2 yr old son and came across your blog that gives me so many wonderful ideas to teach and to start my collection of lessons.  Oh yes, and the CD is really wonderful too.  Thank you for your sharing. I do share the same problem as jenaecooper, why do I have a black mark on the pdf files and I also can't see the verses.  Did I do something wrongly?

Jolanthe said...

what browser are you using to download the verses? Chrome users often have difficulty. Try opening and downloading the files in a different browser and see if that helps!

April Hund said...

Thank you for sharing!  We will be using this verse during our apple week :)

Koko51sg said...

I'm using Mac and the browser is Safari.  Is that the reason? 

Jolanthe said...

It could be. Here are some suggestions:

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