Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Treats 4 Your Tot


Here are some more cool giveaways for tots/moms of tots, check them out below and let us know if you win something we told you about!!!!

Fairy Book, ends 9/16/09

Kimochis, ends 9/13/09

My Read & Rhyme Bible Storybook, ends 9/16/09

Felt Breakfast Play Food Set, ends 9/18/09

Monterey Expandable Booster Car Seat, ends 9/21/09

GloDoodle, ends 9/13/09

Temple Touch Thermometer, ends 9/13/09

Planet Wise Wet Bag
, ends 9/23/09

Clipo Hippo from Playskool, ends 9/16/09


Jenn @ Beautiful Calling said...

SWIM DIAPER giveaway:


Is it OK to add these in the comments? Or would you consider them unsolicited links (I'm not offended if you do). I am still trying to figure out blog etiquette so if it is rude, please let me know.

I love the links you post and though I haven't won yet...I'm still hoping :)

Kellie said...

Thanks for posting these! I am really getting into this giveaway thing...If I could only win one! HA!!

Carisa said...

Jenn, YES it is Ok for you to add links, especially since I "know" you ;). I don't mind when someone adds a link in the comments, as long as it is for a Tot Friendly item. If it's not, I just won't publish the comment.

For my posts I surf the sites I find giveaways on and post my favorites that I find at that time!! You never know what I will post, depends on my mood that day!!! I don't even enter most that I post, I just share the ones I really like!

;) Carisa

Nicole said...

Thanks for blogging about my giveaway. The temple touch thermometer is really neat.