Thursday, September 24, 2009

Once Upon a Book ~ Leaves, Leaves


Leaves, Leaves
by Salina Yoon

Summary: An autumn walk through the woods reveals surprises at every turn! Lift the flaps to see what's hiding beneath the colorful leaves.

Autumn leaves are falling down,
falling down, falling down.
(arms up high like a tree then lower as song goes on)

Autumn leaves are falling down, (lower your voice)
Down to the ground (squat down and continue with this finger play).

Art Time

Leaf Mosaic: Tear up pieces of orange, yellow and red construction paper and have your LO glue it to the leaf Template.


Leaf Counting Book: Gather 15 leaves and 5 sheets of construction paper and number them 1, 2 ,3 4, and 5. Have your LO glue the correct number of leaves to each sheet. Add a cover page, laminate and tie together with yarn for a cute counting book.

Motor Skills

Raking Leaves: Get out a kiddie rake and rake some leaves outside. If you don't have enough leaves outside then print and cut out some throw them on the floor and have the rake them up!

More Leaf Fun

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