Thursday, September 17, 2009

Once Upon a Book ~ Footballs and Falling Leaves


Summary: Have fun counting the things commonly seen during the fall.

Circle Time Song

(sung to the tune of London Bridge)

All the leaves are falling down

Faling down, falling down.

All the leaves are falling down,

It is fall time.

They are yellow, red and brown,

Red and brown, red and brown.

They are yellow, red and brown.

It is fall time.

Take the leaves and crunch them up,

Crunch them up, crunch them up.

Take the leaves and crunch them up.

It is fall time.

Motor Skill

Lacing Cards: Apple, Football, and Leaf: These lacing cards are simple to make. Just print out the patterns onto cardstock or regular paper, laminate, and punch hole through as many or few as you want. Tie a shoestring to the beginning and have your LO lace the rest!


Fall Counting book: Make your own fall counting book with items that remind you and your LO of fall.


Leaf Walk: Go on a Leaf walk. Give your LO a lunch bag and let them gather leaves that are starting to turn colors. When you get home press them between sheets of wax paper and place in a heavy book. Let the leaves press in the book for a week or so and then you have preserved leaves for more crafts!


L is for Leaves

Gather some small leaves and have you LO glue them to the letter Ll.


Leaf Rubbing: gather a bunch of different leaves and let your LO rub them onto paper with crayons (take off the paper for easier rubbing)

Want to see what's coming next (and books we've done in the past)? Click here to see our Once Upon a Book webpage!


Amanda said...

Just recently found this site and I LOVE it! Can't wait to explore it even more. Regarding the lacing... what age level would that be appropriate for? I have twin toddlers that are almost 21 months.

Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

I've got to get to our library and look for that book! In all my autumn theme planning football never even crossed my mind! My son will love it and I think I'll make a football lacing card for him too. Thanks for the great ideas!