Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Now I Know My ABCs ~ V is for Vegetables

It's time for some fun alphabet crafts!! We hope you enjoy these! If you are new, you can visit our ABC webpage to find links to any other letters we have done, letters (with books listed) coming up, as well as all the fun crafty letters we have been working on. Be sure to check it out!


 The Vegetables We Eat ~ Gail Gibbons

Summary: From the farm to the supermarket, this book talks about many vegetables and the importance to eating things that are good for us along with some great illustrations.

V is for Vegetables

What You’ll Need:

  • Light green, dark green, and orange foam sheet/construction paper 
  • Pencil {to outline}
  • Scissors
  • Glue

How to Make the ‘V” for Vegetables:


  1. Trace and cut an uppercase ‘V’ out of the light green foam sheet or construction paper. I used a foam sheet that was about 4" x 5" in size.
  2. Using the orange foam, cut out a carrot shape that will fit on one side of the letter ‘V’.
  3. Use the dark green foam to cut out the top greens for your carrot.
  4. Use light green foam to cut out a stalk of celery for the other side of your ‘V’.
  5. Glue the vegetables onto the letter ‘V’.


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I need to work on getting JDaniel to eat more veggies.

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