Thursday, April 1, 2010

Once Upon a Book ~ Welcome Spring


By: Jill Ackerman

Summary: Spring brings lots of fun for little ones to experience.

Fingerplay ~ Raindrops

Raindrops, raindrops!
Falling all around (move fingers to imitate falling rain)
Pitter-patter on the rooftops, (tap softly on floor)
Pitter-patter on the ground.
Here is my umbrella;
It will keep me dry.(hands over head)
When I go walking in the rain,
I hold it up so high. (raise hands in the air)

Pitter-patter, raindrops!
Falling from the sky; (wiggle fingers to imitate falling rain)
Here is my umbrella
To keep me safe and dry! (hands over head)
When the rain is over,
And the sun begins to glow, (make a large circle with arms)
Little flowers start to bud, (cup two hands together)
And grow, and grow, and grow!

Art Activity

For this activity you will need:

* 1 Piece of white card stock cut into cloud shape
* Blue construction paper cut into 1" strips
* Glue
* Cotton Balls
* Yarn


To make:

* Put some glue all over the cloud
* Let your child use a Q Tip to spread the glue all over
* Place cotton balls all over glue
* Tape blue strips on to the back at different heights (you could glue them)
* Punch 2 holes in the top a few inches apart
* Put yarn in each hole and tie into a knot on each side for hanging


Sensory Fun

* Make colored ice cubes by adding a drop of food coloring to the water in each section of an ice cube tray
* Fill up water table and put the frozen ice cubes in it for child to play with


Motor Skills

Blowing Clouds


* Give child a straw and cotton ball (cloud)
* Have them blow through the straw to move the cotton ball

Sorting Clouds

You will need:

* Colored marshmallows
* Colored sorting  bowls

Have child sort marshmallows into correct colored bowl.



Counting Clouds

* Write different numbers on blue pieces of paper (for McKenzee I used numbers 1 - 6)
* Have child count and place the correct number of cotton balls (clouds) on to each numbered piece of paper



Color Bean Bag Toss

* Have child throw colored bean bags into the correct color bowl.


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