Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Play with Me ~ Nesting Blocks

Nesting blocks are a favorite toy around here. We personally own these 2 sets {click images to see on Amazon}…41DdDs5KMOL._SL160_

29_large5 …and there are many others out there. Nesting blocks are great for so many things and offer many opportunities for play. Below you’ll sea few of our favorite ways to play.

There’s the obvious use-stacking, which begins all out of order as seen below when K was about 2 1/2.IMG_0874 copy

At 3 1/2 he was able to stack them according to their sizes. IMG_2827

It is SUPER FUN for a tot to crash into a neatly made tower, over and over and over again!IMG_2828

My favorite thing personally is to turn the blocks on their side and challenge K to find objects that will fit in each block. Here he is doing it with them standing up, having to work on balance also.IMG_8914 copy

Here we designed a car garage and he had to park correctly sized cars in each garage. He loved this!IMG_2847 copy

Set the blocks up on the floor and have your tot toss something into them {K is using a ping pong ball here}IMG_4955 copy

Here he is tossing a bean bag from behind a line… IMG_4960 copy

We also made steps for his Rescue Heroes…he was ALL BOY within minutes and destroyed the steps as the Heroes went into battle. IMG_4975 copy

Here we played a game of memory. We placed small objects under each block and he had to remember where each thing was.IMG_4989 copy

Ladybug is obviously a much younger tot. She enjoys using the blocks to put things into…IMG_4995 copy 2

I put smaller blocks inside of the larger ones for her and she had loads of fun pulling them out and putting them back in. We also stacked and knocked them over ;-). IMG_5056 copy

They also make great shoes for tiny tot feet!IMG_0569 copy 2

Happy playing!

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K E Fleck said...

Such creative ideas - really thinking "outside the box" (sorry, lol, had to say it) and I especially like the idea of stacking them on their sides so that the boxes are open and having the child find something to fit each box. The bean bag toss is really fun, too :-)

Great list! Thanks for giving me some new ideas.

Stefanie said...

Lots of great new ways to use an "old" toy. Thanks for sharing.