Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Simply Made ~ Spring Cleaning

Want some fun ways to prepare your little ones to help out with Spring cleaning? Check out these ideas!!

Sweeping Beans from My Montessori Journey
While you sweep up the floor, your little one can work on their fine motor skills and do a bit of sweeping of their own!

Sock Matching from Mama Jenn
Your little one can help match the socks while you sort through their fall/winter wardrobe for their spring/summer wardrobe.

Little Laundry Activity from My Montessori Journey
Your little one can hang up their own little laundry as you hang their laundry!

For even more Spring cleaning fun, put some water in a spray bottle and let your little one have fun working on their fine motor skills (squeezing the handle on the bottle and wiping the water), while helping to get the windows sparkly clean!

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