Sunday, July 11, 2010

Get Real with God ~ Like a Bee


Bees communicate a lot like children communicate. Bees speak to each other by touching antennae while infants and toddlers also obtain much of their early knowledge from touch. Bees are known to dance or wiggle on top of the hive to give other bees directions to finding pollen. What mom hasn't gotten the wiggle signal from a little one? The non verbal wiggle states a need or gives the parent directions for helping them. Maybe hands are flailing because they want to be held, or the waste wiggle communicates that the diaper is in need of attention. Bounce, rhythm, dance, movement and touch are natural instincts to children. These skills build a child's fine motor skills. Communication begins with these little gestures.

Luke 18:15 (NIV) states " People were also bringing babies to Jesus to have him touch them . . ." These parents had unintentionally discovered the power of God's touch. This sensory experience with the King of Kings would be enough to imprint him into their memory and create a bond that would allow Jesus to communicate with them in a way far beyond words.

Have you ever noticed how there is an age limit that society imposes on touch? As we age we begin to feel increasingly awkward communicating through touch. Maybe that was one (of many) reasons that the disciples were so annoyed by the children's presence. How many times did they want, even crave the touch of Jesus and resist out of their age or appearance? Maybe they too wished to climb into the saviors lap and lay their head against his shoulders.

That's one of the ways that the woman with the issue of blood is shown for bravery. Not only did she humble herself to crawl through a crowd, but she ignored the invisible social "Do NOT Touch" and reached out her hand against his garment. She knew the power of touch.

Many people where healed by Jesus' touch. His touch communicated to hearts in ways that words could not. His touch was healing, comfort, and reassurance. It confirmed his identity for those with questions and left no doubt of his divine authority.

There are also instances in the bible where people are instructed not to touch. Sometimes touch can defile. Be careful little hands what you touch. When we have been touched and cradled in the arms of God's truth it becomes easier to avoid the "no no"s. It's the same way for our children. The more we embrace our little ones, the more easily they will build respect for our words and trust our admonitions. Power is in our touch too. With a gentle touch we can build their self-image, offer comfort and apply the band aide with a kiss.

We also need to model touch by showing our children our affection for God. Moms, you aren't too big to curl up on Jesus' lap and lay your head on his shoulder. Clutch his word in your hands and flip the pages slowly. Let it touch your heart. Let his encouragement pour over you, comforting and reassuring you. Let your children see you do it.

Sometimes, get really wild and worship with movement. Sway, bounce, dance your love to God. Let him know that you found the "pollen", the goodness hidden in his word, and communicate this path to your children with a joyful dance.

Bees communicate a lot like children. They touch and they wiggle and they point the way. Are you like a bee too?


Unknown said...

What a sweet post Carisa! You know I'm a bee and so is every child God has given us!

Love you!

Asashia said...

Wow, very powerful...I need to communicate my love for God more wildly so I can teach my Little Bit to worship like a bee.