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Once Upon a Book ~ Waiting for Wings


by Lois Ehlert

Summary:  An easy to read and colorful book capturing the lifecycle of a butterfly.  Contains uniquely shaped pages and a picture glossary of the various flowers and butterflies found in the book.   This book has some serious eye candy! 

Bible Verse 
Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come! (2 Corinthians 5:17)
Butterflies are amazing creatures that easily demonstrate to a child how God can completely transform a creature. A caterpillar starts out consumed with the desire to eat and is only able to move small distances over land.  They are often ugly and gangly.  In a relatively short time, they emerge from the covering of a chrysalis into a new and beautiful creation.  Free and gorgeous.  Likewise, before we know Jesus we are stuck in our sin and unable to move mountains.  But once we find freedom in Christ, we are a new creation, filled with the Holy Spirit and only needing faith the size of a mustard seed to do amazing things for God!

Butterfly zoo 022


We have learned a lot about butterflies this past month.

Well, most of us have learned about butterflies.  Smiley was a little bit oblivious to the butterflies when we went to the zoo.

Butterfly zoo 024

Did you know that the difference between a moth and a butterfly is that a moth makes a cocoon and a butterfly creates a chrysalis?  And when a butterfly emerges from its chrysalis, it has to dry off its wings?  Get this . . . when a caterpillar first hatches, it eats its egg shell and then goes on to consume more food. 

Butterfly zoo 014

We also read, and I give you this list because these books greatly enhanced our learning:
Practice Molting!

Molting is the process a caterpillar goes through when it outgrows its old skin.  It wiggles out of its old skin and uncovers its new skin.  

Have your child climb into a sleeping bag and wiggle out of the bag, pretending to molt!

Get Out Your Proboscis!


Go to The Dollar Store or party store and purchase a few party blowers.  Allow your kids to make as much noise as they want, pretending to use their proboscis (party blower) to drink nectar from flowers outside. 

Play a Bug Game  
by Educational Insights

Butterfly zoo 037

I like this game because it works with colors, left and right, sorting, and small motor skills.  And you can take it a step farther and learn about the bugs attached to your arm!  Whenever this game comes out to play – it is a big hit!  Up to four people can play.

Stained Glass Wall Hangings

By Ed Sibbett

Before we went to the zoo, I prepared the kids to appreciate the shape and color of butterflies.  The pictures are printed on translucent paper, allowing you to hang it on the window for a stained glass effect. 

Our House 001

Our House 002

Crafty Big Butterflies

Father's Day 009
  • large white construction paper
  • glitter, sequins, pom-pom balls, etc.
  • chenille wire
  • markers or crayons . . . even watercolor or paint
  • glue
  • wiggly eyes
  • draw the shape of a butterfly
  • color the body of the butterfly black if you have a young tot and cut out the butterfly beforehand
  • allow them to decorate the butterfly
  • help them attach the chenille wire to the head of the butterfly for the antennae
  • glue the eyes on the body
Helpful Websites:

butterfly 003 

Question:  Why did the butter jump off of the table?
Answer:  It wanted to be a butterfly!
Thanks for being a part of Totally Tots, Sir Honey!  I’ll miss doing these posts with you.  Next month, when I write, Smiley will be the featured Tot for Once Upon a Book.  

Butterfly zoo 040 
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Jen said...

What an awesome post with so many great ideas and resources! We have a butterfly exhibit that I've been wanting to take my girls to; we love butterflies. My oldest raised them in her class this year. Love the Christian connection and how amazing God is and how he can change all of us to be beautiful!!

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