Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Simply Made ~ Paperclips & Foam

This is a wonderful little tot tool that is fun to use and is easily made with items you may already have around your home! This idea was originally shared by Shannon when Totally Tots first started, we felt it was worthy of a re-post {with a little twist}!!!

album 2.5.10 020

You can use this tot tool to help with color recognition and matching. Plus it REALLY helps with those fine motor skills. Sliding the paperclips onto the foam is not the easiest thing to do!

album 4.30.10 014album 2.5.10 037

So, want to make your own? All you need are large color paperclips, color foam, and one brad. (I often pick up the foam and paperclips from the Dollar Tree and I already had a brad on hand.)

Cut the foam into approximately 2” by 6” rectangles. Stack the foam rectangles and use the brad to poke a hole through the end of the stack. Close the brad and let your little one have fun with their new tot tool!

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