Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Play with Me ~ Foam ABC Floor Puzzle

Do you have a BIG ol’ Alphabet Foam Floor Puzzle?  Did you use it for awhile and then store it because it was in the way? {I did}  Do you want a BIG ol’ Alphabet Foam Floor Puzzle?  You can find them often  at discount stores like TJ Maxx, Ross, etc.  Toys R Us has one and this is the best {most reasonably priced} one I found on AmazonimageWe also have a number set-which is actually a hopscotch set, similar to this one I found on Amazon.

So, other than a big floor puzzle or foam floor mat, what are these good for???  Oh SO much, here are just a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing…

Lay just the letters out around the room and have your child hop from letter to letter as you call them out.  Or have your child find the letter you call out.  Or, have your child yell the name of the letter when they jump on it.image

Use the pieces to build a fortIMG_7438 copy

Take your learning outside and set the entire puzzle up on a deck, or on the concrete somewhere.  Just leaving the normal environment with a toy makes it more exciting for most kids.IMG_5656 copy

Using either of the sets, choose a specific set of numbers to work on 1:1 correspondence by having your child walk straight down the line and move only as you count the exact number.  You could do this with the ABCs also.  IMG_6230 copy

Our ultimate favorite---flying letters!  Since they are foam, they can easily be tossed around without much damage!  We use a paddle form a beach game we have.image

Recently Krash came up with his own extension.  He connected many letters to make a road for his cars.  IMG_3321

We used stirring sticks {we got ours at Target} to lay on the letters like this…IMG_3378

Challenge your tot to balance letters on his head or face ;-).  Definite FUN!!!!imageMore ideas not pictured…

  • make crayon rubbings of the textured pieces
  • play hide~n~seek with the letters.  Someone hides a few and the other finds them and says the name when the letter is found!

Happy Playing!




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Anonymous said...

We have these, and we did put them away for awhile. Great suggestions on how to use them!! Thanks!

Unknown said...

The picture of the letters flying at Krash, actually made me laugh outloud. Great ideas!

Unknown said...

He might like this too:

Anonymous said...

It's a great teething toy, too! We just got ours, and our 7 1/2 month old was chomping on the U square. Too bad I didn't have a camera handy!