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Little Hands-on ABCs and 123s ~ Duplo Montessori Number Rods

little handson Abc 123
We love Duplos in our house.  They are great for using as Montessori Number rods.
Montessori Number rods.
Duplo version. 
If you can, build up to ten rods of alternating red and blue (or two other colors, but make sure the color scheme stays the same all the way through).
Here is how to present the number rods:  First, have the child build a stair with the rods.
Then isolate the first three rods.
Point to the single red and say, "This is 1" and count it.  Point to the blue on the rod of two blocks and say "This is 2." Count it.  Repeat with three.  This is the first period lesson, in which you are naming the quantities and the child is learning the names.  Repeat this part a few times.

After you have repeated the names a few times, you progress to the second period lesson and ask the child to point to 1, point to 2, point to 3. 

Once he can do this, progress to the third period lesson.  Point to a rod and ask the child to name it. 

Once a child can do this with 1 to 3, repeat the process with the next three rods, until he has learned 1 through 10.This can be taught all on one day, or over a few days, depending on the child.

After the child can name all the rods, lay them out in random order on a mat and call a number for your child to find from the rods.  Or lay them in random order, then choose a rod and ask your child to name it.  Or lay them in random order and have your child choose a rod and name it.

The next step is to introduce the numerals and pair them with the number rod.
The numerals would be presented in much the same way as the rods.  First isolate 1, 2 and 3.  Point to 1 and say, "this is one."  Then point to the 2 and  say, "This is 2," and so on.  Once they know the numerals, matching rod to numeral should be simple.

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Annieptigger said...

As usual you are right on top of things to teach children how to count with dublos.. I have these here at my house and  now I know how to use them in a different way.. Ben is going to love this.. He already knows how to count to 10 but now we can go further.. 11-12-13 ect..
you are so special ~ thanks  ~ 
PS. our clock is made that you had featured on your blog from Deliacreates blog.. (hope my memory is correct)  We made two, one for Ben's home and one for his school.. His teacher loved it~!~!  Thanks again.
Have a blessed day~!  ta ta for now from Iowa:)

Deb Chitwood said...

I absolutely love the idea of Duplo number rods for home use! The small number rods that can be purchased are great, too. I featured this post and Duplo number rod photo in my DIY Number Rods and Alternatives at

Thomas Carty said...

Did you make the number tiles?