Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Simply Made ~ Piggy Bank Games

Piggy Banks can offer a multitude of lessons about money and saving, but they also help little fingers with their pincer grasp~a skill crucial to writing and holding a pencil. My son loves to put spare change in his piggy bank, but because of the weight and the breakable material, I'm hesitant to let him play with it as much as he'd like. I recently found a small plastic piggy bank at the Dollar Tree recently and knew he would love to have it added to our fine motor skills activities.

  • Plastic Piggy Bank or a recycled butter tub with a slit cut out of the lid
  • Coins or plastic bingo chips
Allow your tot to place the coins/bingo chips in the piggy bank slot.

Game Ideas~
  • Open-ended play
  • Counting practice using number cards~Draw a card, then place the correct amount of coins in the bank.Take turns.
  • Coin Patterns~Place coins in the slot using a pattern (penny, nickel, penny, nickel...etc.)



Chelita said...

My Noey will love this! He is obsessed with putting small items into bigger ones. :) Dollar Tree here we come!

Happybrownhouse said...

Just now catching this comment Chelita! Hope you're enjoying some piggy bank fun with your little one!