Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Letter Xx is for X-ray

Summary: Following the old spiritual song, this book brings the words to life. Kids enjoy the torn collage illustrations while learning the different bones in the body.
Letter Ideas:
We did many of our normal letter activities for letter x:
- rolled playdough snakes, crossed them to make the letter
- traced the letter X in our salt box
- did our letter handwriting/poem page
Theme Ideas:
Learning about x-rays and our bones fit in perfectly with all the anatomy lessons I was doing with my older children. I came across this cute idea of making your own x-ray with handprints from The Homeschool Den. My girls had so much fun painting their hands and making handprints. We actually did prints on various colors of paper because they just couldn’t stop. :) After the handprint dries, outline with chalk.

I found this print-out of a toddler skeleton. It is the size of an average toddler so I thought it would be fun to put together. I helped the girls and while we were guessing where the pieces went, we talked about the different bones. We had fun seeing if it was taller or shorter than each of the girls.

Jolanthe came up with the cutest x-ray craft. She showcased several different ways to make this letter x project.
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Christie Hepburn said...

Where did the X-ray handwriting and poem page come from?  I couldn't find it on any of the site listed at the bottom.

Christie Hepburn said...

Where did you get the x-ray handwriting and poem page?  I couldn't find it on any of the sites listed at the bottom.

Jolanthe said...

If you go to you will see Maureen's printables linked from her main page. Thanks for letting us know that it wasn't linked!I'll fix it when I'm on my laptop in a bit.

Jolanthe said...

Christie ~

I linked the page now, but here is the main page you can download the x page from: