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Once Upon A Book ~ Curious George at the Circus




 Curious George’s First Words at the Circus By H.A. Rey

Book Summary: This is a cute little book about Curious George and all of the animals and things he encounters on his trip to the circus!

Bible Verse: “For everything God created is good, and nothing is to be rejected if it is received with thanksgiving” 1 Timothy 4:4

Pre-Math Skills:

Silhouette Match Up: This game is easy and fun! Simply cut out the colorful clowns and then let your toddler match them to the “shadows”.


Clown Counting:  For the Clown Counting activity, I only gave her numbers 1-5 to add on to the board. She counted the clowns and then I would point to the correct number for her. Until she took away my pointer that is…


Elephant Ball Game: The idea of this game is to match the correct colored ball to the elephant based on his ruffled scarf. The Teeny Tot did great and was able to complete this game sans mom.


Number Order Puzzle: Since the whole number recognition isn’t there quite yet for most toddlers, I helped her with this game. I actually had the pieces in order for her, then she grabbed each one and we counted and she placed it. She was very proud of herself for completing the puzzle!


Pattern Activity: You may have to help your toddler with the pattern activity as it’s a more difficult skill. I talked her through each line and she grabbed the correct piece as I was talking.



Letter Recognition

Magnet Activity: The Teeny Tot loves the magnet activity! She does a great job at matching up one magnet per circle, and has started to count her magnets as she places each one.


Popcorn Letter Match: For this game, I cut out the matching popcorn pieces then told her which letter to grab. I instructed the Teeny Tot to match it to the same letter on the game board. She knew the letter O and P, the rest I had to tell her what they were but she was able to match them to the appropriate one on the game board.



Fine Motor Skills

Pre-Writing Skills: The Teeny Tot loves anything having to do dry-erase markers, so this one is a favorite. She rotates between tracing the item, I can tell she’s trying to stay on the line, and actually trying to ‘color’ in the line.



Do-A-Dot Color Page: Her next absolute favorite things are the Do-A-Dot markers! She loves those things. I do try to be careful with them though because if she gets too excited and really stamps hard the ink will kind of ‘squirt’ out all over my nice white table. And we can’t have that now can we… ;o)


Lacing Activity: For this activity, simply rough cut around the whole image, then hole punch about every 1”. Use a long string, or shoelace to lace through the holes.


Scissor Skills: Scissor skills are a great skill to work on. They work dexterity, but also hand-eye coordination at the same time! Just keep practicing with this one, making sure that your toddler is holding their scissors correctly and eventually they’ll get it!


Letter C Do-A-Dot: And just for fun, we brought out the Letter C Do-A-Dot page for her. Like I said she loves these markers, so was totally fine using them again.


Here’s a peek at the pack so you can see all of the activities included:


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