Thursday, August 9, 2012

Birthday Party Game ~ Once Upon a Book


A Birthday For Frances by Russell Hoban

Summary: Sometimes it is hard when siblings have birthdays. Frances is a little envious of her sister Gloria and all her birthday attention. Mother and Father Badger are gentle and wise in their handling of their imaginative and precocious offspring.

Birthday Games:


Here is a simple yet fun game to play at a real or pretend birthday party! You will need party blowers and pom poms.


Place the pom poms in a line by your child. Have them try to blow the pom poms across the table with the party blower. My girls had so much fun trying to get the pom poms across the table. This simple game allowed them to focus and work those mouth muscles needed for speech.


My three-year old decided to try using the blower to keep a balloon up in the air. That was hard! Next she tried to see how high she could get the balloon in the air.

We did a different version of this game with my preschool co-op class a couple years ago. The children were playing with our birthday party sensory bin and one child started using the blower to knock all the Noodles off the table.

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John morison said...

pom poms and balloons are very good theme for the kids on birthday. Really enjoyable for kids.
Games for Birthday Parties