Thursday, August 23, 2012

Cake Color Match ~ Once Upon a Book

A Birthday For Frances by Russell Hoban

Summary: Sometimes it is hard when siblings have birthdays. Frances is a little envious of her sister Gloria and all her birthday attention. Mother and Father Badger are gentle and wise in their handling of their imaginative and precocious offspring.

 Fine Motor Skills Plus Color Recognition:


Here’s a simple activity that your tot can do to work their finger muscles and learn their colors at the same time.


Cake Color Match Printable



Print the cake color wheel out on to cardstock. Cut around the circle and laminate if desired. Gather 8 clothes pins. Color a dot on the end that opens.  Have your child match the color dots.




I originally made this with my young tot in mind, but it was my older tot (almost preschooler) who really enjoyed it! For young children, learning how to open and close the pins will be a new skill. If they can’t grasp the pins, have them lay the clothes pin on the right color. In order to practice working those finger muscles, just let your child clip clothes pins around the circle in any order.

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