Thursday, August 16, 2012

Wrapping Paper Station ~ Once Upon a Book

A Birthday For Frances by Russell Hoban

Summary: Sometimes it is hard when siblings have birthdays. Frances is a little envious of her sister Gloria and all her birthday attention. Mother and Father Badger are gentle and wise in their handling of their imaginative and precocious offspring.

Wrapping Paper Station:

Whenever I have gifts to wrap, my children always want to help. I set up this activity so that my older toddler could practice helping me wrap presents.



wrapping paper
medium-size objects
tape or pop-up tape
optional: bows


First I cut the wrapping paper into manageable pieces. Then I went ahead and placed several pieces of tape along the edge of the yellow bin. My daughter was not able to use a tape dispenser on her own. Having pop-up tape dispensers would make this activity a little more independent for students. I helped her wrap one of her toys. I would hold the fold while she taped it. After a few times, she was able to wrap things on her own—in a toddler fashion ;).


She wrapped and rewrapped items. Then she handed them out to her sisters and had a pretend birthday party.


Another extension of this activity would be to have long strips of wrapping paper already cut. Then let your tot cut little strips off. Use as confetti.

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