Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Birthday Sensory Bin - What's in the Tub?

Have a birthday coming up in your home? Here are a few birthday sensory items for you and your tot to explore:

What's inside:
regular balloons and punching bag balloons
slap bracelets and bead necklaces
birthday variety noise-maker set
small trucks
large poppers
birthday noisemakers
colorful pom-poms and curled ribbons
(All other items were found for a great price in Walmart's party and clearance sections.)

This bin was especially fun for my daughter. She'll be three this fall and is very much looking forward to her birthday! This was quite a loud pretend birthday party. --A warning should you choose to by that many noise-makers. ;-)

The punching bags were a hug hit and poppers are entertaining at any age! I wish I would have taken a video to share with you the very dramatic singing of Happy Birthday below!

I hope you enjoy your pretend birthday party! See you next month for another bin-o-fun!

What's in the Tub? is a monthly feature that focuses on fun sensory tub ideas to go along with the monthly theme at Totally Tots. Click here to see the past sensory tub ideas.

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Ann C said...

LOVE this!! My kids love playing birthday party!