Monday, August 24, 2009

Get Real with God ~ Mommy Discipline

I cannot function at my best when certain things are left undone. I was smacked in the face with this reality (yet again) as I read my current personal growth book...Small Changes for a Better Life: Daily Steps to Living Gods Plan for You, by Elizabeth George. The chapter I was reading was about...Discipline. And it wasn't for who you think. It was for ME-the MOM! Ahhhh.

When I sit at my computer, my back is towards my combo room. What is a combo room? It's an invention made up by me because we have a really old house with a strange floor plan. When we renovated 5 years ago I decided to make the room leading into our bedroom (which is about the size of a small bedroom) my office/laundry room/closet. It works well and honestly I think it is a genius idea ;) but there is one small problem. When this room is a mess, many other areas of my life are a mess.

When I get to cleaning in here, and I mean really cleaning, other areas of my life become more disciplined. As I began cleaning today (which I still am) I also began thinking, why do I let this room get like this? Why do I let it get like this when I know that it affects me in other areas? Why don't I keep up with this one room perfectly since I know that I spend a lot of time in here and it affects how I function and feel?

Now, I am a fairly disciplined person in many areas. I get asked a lot how I write/lead 4 blogs and homeschool, support my husband's ministry work, and do my own ministry work, etc. I can do it because I am very disciplined and focused in many areas. I try each and every day to be the best I can be at everything I am doing, doing it all as if it were for Christ...who strengthens me-(Colossians 3:23, Philippians 4:13). As I was reading my book today I was smacked in the face with the honest truth-there is always room for improvement.

So, I seek to improve. I seek to be more disciplined with my time and other areas of my life. I seek to arise earlier, and on a better schedule. I seek to be more patient and loving to the people who matter most-my husband and children. I seek to keep my priorities in check.

Now, I seek to finish cleaning this room. I know it will make me better in other areas, and I desire to be the best I can be in ALL areas, not just some of them.


Sarah said...

So many blog posts I have read this morning are about discipline. I love it when God speaks to me so clearly.
I will also be sure to look into that book you are reading.

Michelle said...

Beautiful post! So true. I really need to evaluate this area of my life and I need to go clean!

Cyndie said...

You go girl!! Loved the devotional! Thanks so much for sharing it!!

Mark & Heather Mac said...

Thanks for the "holy 2x4" . . . I needed reminding.

Heather Mac

Jennifer said...

Thanks for sharing what you've been learning! Great little message for me!
Jen from MN