Thursday, August 6, 2009

Once Upon a Book ~ Thank You God {Airplanes}


Thank You, God

by Charolette Lundy

Summary: Patrick dreams of flying airplanes. When a flight instructor tells him he's a natural at flying, Patrick's father tells him about how God gives us all natural talents in life.

Circle Time

Little Airplane Song from Perpetual Preschool
(to the tune of 'Are You Sleeping')

Little airplane, little airplane,
In the sky, in the sky,
I can see you soaring,
I can see you soaring,
Up so high,
Up so high.

Open Ended Art

Painting: Let your LO paint on a piece of construction paper and let dry. When dry fold into a paper airplane

Motor Skill

Airplane Can Fly, Can't Fly : This game is played similar to 'Red Light, Green Light.' Have your LO fly around the room or outside. When you say 'Land!' they stop where they are and pretend to land. They can move again when you say 'Fly!'


Soaring High with Reading

Print off an Airplane, color and cut out: Attach the plane to your LO's wall. Then cut out a bunch of clouds to add behind the plane.

As you read a book with your LO, write the title on the cloud and attach the cloud behind the plane. See how many clouds you can add and how long it takes to fill up the wall. (In a few weeks, I'll show you one based on trains). To see more about the fun reading log you can check out my post at Teaching My Little Bookworm

Snack Time: Banana Planes


- banana
- 2 pretzel sticks
- 4 mini marshmallows
- peanut butter


Use 1/2 a banana as the body of the plane. Attach the 2 pretzel sticks to use as wings. Use peanut butter (a tiny amount) to attach the 4 marshmallows as 'windows'.

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L2L said...

oh what a great way to keep track of the books you read. I've been writing them on the back of my file folders but this seems way cuter and more incentive to sit and read, thanks for the great idea!!!!