Sunday, August 23, 2009

Now I Know My ABC's ~ Rr

It's time for some fun Rr activities!!! We hope you enjoy these! If you are new, you can visit our ABC webpage to find links to any other letters we have done, letters (with books listed) coming up, as well as the PDF of the cover sheet for your ABC notebook!

A Rainbow of My Own
by Don Freeman

Summary: A small boy imagines what it would be like to have his own rainbow to play with.

Rr is for Rainbow


- Black construction paper & chalk
- Print out the Rr template
- White crayon
- Watercolors

To Make:

1. Have your LO color a piece of black construction paper with chalk.
2. Print out the Rr template.
3. Cut out the Rr's and trace with a white crayon on the chalk picture.
4. Have your LO watercolor paint on another piece of construction paper (white or very light colored), let dry.
5. When the paint is dry, glue your rainbow chalk Rr's on and write 'R is for rainbows' on the page.
6. Hole Punch and add to your alphabet book binder.

Rainbow Puzzle

- Print off and color 2 copies of the Rainbow page.
- Cut out one of the rainbows (each arch) to create a rainbow puzzle for your LO to put together.
- Add a velcro piece to each arch if your LO likes them to stick together.
- Hole punch and add to your alphabet book.

More Rainbow Fun

Make a Rainbow Shaker
Fruit Loop Rainbow
M&M rainbow sorting mat

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L2L said...

can't wait to try out the rainbow shaker!!! our R verse will be run with endurance the race God has set before us. Hebrews 12:1