Monday, April 27, 2009

Bible Bites ~ Jesus is Coming Again!- Week 4

The Bread: Revelation (You've just gotta read it for yourself this week!);
Read Revelation 21: 2 - 4 to your tot.The Bite: "And behold, I am coming soon." (Revelation 22: 7)

The Believing:

Let's teach our tots to anticipate Jesus’ return by describing what Jesus looks like according to John’s Revelation (Did ya know He's no longer the man in sandals?): white hair, fire in his eyes, gold feet. Make up a simple tune to hide this glorious imagery in your tot's mind: “Jesus is riding a white horse! Jesus is riding a white horse! Jesus is riding a white horse; a white, white horse!” (The other verses: “Jesus’ hair is white! Jesus' hair is white! Jesus' hair is white; it is white like wool”, “Jesus’ eyes are like fire… like refining fire.” “Jesus’ feet are gold… pure, pure gold.” etc.)

We must also teach our tots that Jesus will appear in the sky (just like He went into Heaven!) and that we are to look actively for him and make sure our hearts are ready to meet Him. I distinctly remember one afternoon when our little tot could barely speak, she toddled by the front window, pointing to the sky, and said, “Jesus is coming! Very soon!” She was right! This week, spend time praying that you and your family would be prepared to meet our glorious Savior face-to-face. If you find that your heart quakes with earthly fear at the thought of Jesus' return, talk to God about your fears and search for the truth in Scripture. Please be encouraged that Christians can anticipate a most-glorious future! We will be giving our tots a priceless gift if we do the heart-work of learning more about the Revelation of the future and being noble women who laugh at the days to come (Proverbs 31: 25).

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