Monday, April 6, 2009

Celebrating YOUR Tots ~ April

Praise God for the lives of these precious tots! If you'd like to wish any of these April Tots a Happy Birthday, just click on their photo or the text link to their Mommy's blog!

Welcome to TOThood...
these little ones are turning 1 year old this month!

Happy 2nd Birthday...
these tots are celebrating 2 years of life this month!

Happy 2nd Birthday Esme!

Happy 2nd Birthday Gage!

Happy 2nd Birthday RockerTot!
Happy 2nd Birthday Colin!

Happy 3rd Birthday...
these tots are celebrating 3 years of life this month!

Happy 3rd Birthday Precious!

Moving on Up...
these tots will be turning 4 this month!

Happy 4th Birthday Shanti!

Happy 4th Birthday Little Bean!

Does your tot have a May or June birthday? Click here to learn how to send in your info to have your tot featured in our monthly Celebrating YOUR Tots post!

**as our Bday lists grow longer, I am bound to make a mistake :) Please email me to let me now if I linked you wrong, forgot to link to your blog, or got something else wrong


♥ Noelle ♥ said...

yay, there's my gage!!!

noelle :)

Shannon said...

Happy birthday, little ones! :) April's such a good month to have a birthday.

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday to all the April tots! :)