Sunday, April 26, 2009

Now I Know My ABCs ~ Dd

It's time for some fun Dd activities!!! We hope you enjoy these! If you are new, you can visit our ABC webpage to find links to any other letters we have done, letters (with books listed) coming up, as well as the PDF of the cover sheet for your ABC notebook!

Books to read...

Dinosaur Roar by, Paul Stickland

Ten Terrible Dinosaurs by, Paul Stickland

Dinosaur Stomp Dd's...


To Make:

  • Dd's
  • Place small amount of paint on a paper plate and place dinosaur in the paint
  • Have LO stomp the dinosaur all over the Dd's so you have dinosaur track Dd's
  • Let dry, while drying let LO color small dinosaur
  • Cut out both and glue to construction paper

Dinosaur Puppets...


  • Dinosaur Printout (click: Games & Activities, then Make Mobile...just print pages 3 - 6)
  • 8 craft sticks
  • construction paper ( 2 different colors)
  • stapler
  • scissors

To Make:

  • Print out pages 3 - 6 and cut out
  • Attach each dinosaur to a craft stick with a staple
  • Cut 1 piece of construction paper in half and fold in half again to make an envelope and staple shut
  • Place you dinosaur stick puppets in and your ready to play!
  • Hole Punch BOTH Dd pages and add to your Alphabet Book!

More Dd fun:

  • Use the Dinosaur printouts from Dinosaur track Dd's to make the different games
  • Use the Dd printout for Dinosaur Tracks Dd to make a puzzle cut in several pieces and let your LO put back together or have them glue them back together
  • Eat Carrots with Ranch Dip
  • Act like Dd animals: Dog, Duck, Dinosaur, Deer, Dragon etc...
  • Make Dots with qtips and paint or use paint dobbers (Dot Paint)
  • Make Dino's out fof Play Doh...visit Carisa's blog to see her Land Before Time Activity Pack!


k-e-household said...

In case you are wondering if anyone is paying attention, I am! I print out the templates and actitives every monday morning at work (shhhh!!)

Chawksgirl4ever said...

the dinosaur puppets are so cute!

Gidget Girl Reading said...

gload you like the puppets and activities!

the puppets were a huge hit in our house so I think I might have to come up with more!

johanna said...

shannon fab ideas.... have tried some.. but struggling with a car fanatic!!!

L2L said...

this week our memory verse comes from Psalm 74:16
... day and night belong to you. A great way to do a brief overview of the creation days and help the kiddos understand that on the 6th day God created the dinos!!!!

Carisa said...

They were directly from the Land Before Time website, which seems to be no longer available. I checked and it came up as a general Universal Studios link. Guess they pulled the website. Stinks!