Thursday, April 9, 2009

Once Upon a Book ~ The Noisy Egg...POND week 2


After reading: The Noisy Egg (Little Scholastic) you and your LO can make some fun Duck stuff!
Footprint Duck:


  • Yellow Paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Paper plate
  • Paper
  • Markers or Crayons

To Make:

  • Paint your LO's foot with the yellow paint (you can paint each so you would have 2 ducks for the pond)
  • Press onto the paper and set aside to dry
  • After dry add the beak, eyes, and feet
  • Cut along the duck (so there is an edge around it)
  • Glue to your pond

Duck Water Scoop:


  • empty clean plastic milk jug
  • permanent marker

To Make:

  • turn the water jug so its on its side with the handle up
  • Draw a duck mouth on the flat end
  • Cut out
  • Draw eyes and wings on each side
  • Now your LO is ready to play in the tub

Duck Action Play:

Little Baby Ducklings (from

Little baby ducklings (Ducklings move back and forth in a waddling motion)

Dash, dash, dash! (Ducklings run in place)

Jump in the pond. (Ducklings make jumping motion)

Splash, splash, splash! (Ducklings use hands to make splashing motions)

When their mother ,“Quack, quack, quacks.” (Mother duck quacks)

Little baby ducklings swam right back. (Ducklings make swimming motions)

Adapted Traditional

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