Sunday, April 5, 2009

Now I Know My ABCs ~ Aa

Today is the day! This is the beginning of our Weekly Alphabet Post with simple crafts, and lessons to introduce the alphabet. The end result of this fun 26 weeks will be a homemade alphabet book with both a craft page and activity page for each letter! I hope you and you LO's enjoy this!

You do not have to follow along with us in order, some tots prefer particular letters and would do better going out of order. If that's the case, just bookmark the posts and refer back when your tot is ready!! Many younger tots aren't ready for this either, remember all tots are different!

We have created a cover page for your new ABC notebook, you can find it here, along with a list of all of our weekly ideas (this would be the page to bookmark to refer back to if your tots isn't quite ready for this). As you expose your tot to each new letter (in order or out of order), color it in on your cover page for an easy visual reminder for you and your tot!

Letter Aa...

Book: Spring Is Here! by Joan Hulob

Ants on my Aa...


  • card stock
  • red and white checkerboard paper
  • ink pad, or paint
  • letter A template
  • glue

To Make:

  • Cover your 8x11 sheet of card stock with the checkerboard paper and cut out your Aa and glue it on top of the checkerboard paper.
  • Get out your ink pad or dab a tiny bit of paint onto a paper towel to make a stamp pad.
  • Take LO's finger and stamp it into the ink and then on to the Aa's 2 stamps at a time to make ant bodies.
  • Make several on each letter
  • Let dry
  • When dry add antennae and legs
  • Punch holes in the puzzle page and place in yourABC Notebook

Book: Ten Red Apples by Virginia Miller

Apple Puzzle...



  • Print out 2 of the apple puzzles boards and 1 blank puzzle board
  • Glue the blank puzzle board to a piece of construction paper
  • Cut out the apple puzzle pieces
  • Assemble 1 apple and glue to the board
  • Laminate the other pieces (they are little so packing tape works good here)
  • Attach the ziploc baggie to the bottom of the puzzle page with packing tape and place your puzzle pieces in the baggie
  • Punch holes in the puzzle page and place in your binder behind the Ants on my Aa page

Extra Aa activities:

  • Popsicle stick A's: get 3 Popsicle sticks and show them how to make a big A: you can have them glue them together when your done with the lesson or just attached some Velcro so the can do them over and over!
  • A is shaped like a triangle: show with your Popsicle sticks that big A is shaped like a triangle! my LO thought that was so neat! She was making an A, and saying A, then moving the stick down and saying Triangle!
  • Apple Shakeups snack: they are yummy: just dice a apple,,place into a baggie or lidded container, add some sugar and cinnamon and seal up and let them shake to coat! Open the baggie and eat!
  • Egg Carton Ants: Need: paper egg carton 3 section cups, black paint,2 googly eyes, 3 pipe cleaners cut into small pieces (to make 8 total) To Make: Have LO paint your 3 section paper egg carton all black, let dry, glue on googly eyes and punch pipe cleaners on the top and sides to be legs and antennae.
  • Visit my blog for more Aa ideas!


Unknown said...

Great ideas Shannon!

Thanks for putting in the time to share them with us!


Amy @ Literacy Launchpad said...

This is great stuff!! Love it! Love it! Love it!

The Ortega's said...

As always... very creative ideas!! Thanks so much for sharing and inspiring!!

L2L said...

Great stuff!!! FYI I'm starting a bit late but am going to use the craft ideas and also put a verse for each letter! This week All have sinned Romans 3:23!!!