Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tot Food ~ What's on YOUR Tot's Plate?

Welcome to *What's on YOUR Tot's Plate?* if you'd like to join up, please write a post on your own blog and link to Mr. Linky below! You can just share the photos, or also share any info about what was on the plate (did your tot like it, what was it, how to make it, etc.).

Finally, I made lunch for my boys! I even had my camera close by, so here is my first contribution to Tot Food!!!

This is a typical lunch at our house: Whole Wheat mini bagel, with organic PB, and natural jelly, sprinkled with Flaxseed Meal. We always have some type of fresh fruit (strawberries and organic apples this day), and often a veggie, but today it was a cheese stick. Most of the time the boys drink water with their lunches.
Here's some of the actual items we use... I order those EnviroKidz Organic Animal Cookies (great price through Amazon's Subscribe and Save program) with Krash in mind who is sensitive to artificial dyes, they are great for a small desert or treat. This day he got a few after his plate was clean :).Another plate this past week: mango, carrots, broccoli, ants on a log.We use organic PB, celery, and carrots. Our decisions of what to purchase organic are made using the resources I write about in this post. He was not fond of the celery but licked the PB off of it! He usually eats celery, so I am not sure why he wouldn't! He LOVED the mango, we haven't had it in awhile! After lunch this day the boys got an Annie's Organic Bunny Fruit Snack.You can ONLY link to the weekly Mr Linky if you write a post exclusively for this, link to that exact post (not your homepage), and provide a link back to Totally Tots in your post. I hate to be a meanie-but we gotta have rules or it won't work! If you have any questions, let me know. If you need help with how to do a direct link, go here and scroll down to see a photo-tutorial (just ignore the Tot School part). You are welcome to add your "What's on Your Tot's Plate" link anytime between now and Monday. We will put up a new Mr Linky each Tuesday.

You can right click and copy the graphic at the top of this post if you would like to use it in your post. You certainly don't have to, but are welcome to.


Unknown said...

Looks yummy!

Sorry I just got home and missed taking photos of today's lunch!

I will try to get a few more photos up to share tomorrow :)

Hugs and by the way I love you Carisa :)


Frenchell said...

I am actually moving my family to organic foods. I am excited about, but overwhelmed by it. I just really want to put good healthy food with ingredients i can understand) into their diets. Loved the pictures! I am super motivated now.

dft said...


Loved your tray plates!! Just wondering what brand you uses and where did you buy them? Are they BPA-free? Thanks!!


Carisa said...

Cherry- The plates are from the $1 section at Target. I am not sure if they are BPA free or not :( I have had them for awhile.

:) Carisa