Monday, May 4, 2009

Bible Bites ~ The Church...Week 1

May Bible Bites: The Church!

This month, we’ll be teaching our tots about the dearest thing to Jesus’ heart: The Church. What a wonderful time to establish a love in their hearts for the Body and Bride of Christ, to instruct them about Her purpose, and to help them to be an active and important part of Her today!

(You might want to plan ahead for the fourth week in May and invite your pastor over for Sunday lunch or a weeknight dinner. Better yet, if you are able, invite you and your tot over to his house for a 15 minutes drop-by-blessing and “tour”... you’ll see why in a couple of weeks!)

Week 1: The Body of Christ

Bread: 1 Corinthians 12: 12 - 27

Bite: “Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it.” 1 Corinthians 12: 27

Believing: This is a great week to review body parts and learn how to draw stick figures! Find some time this week to sit down at a white board or chalk board for a simple drawing lesson: the round head, the straight line for a body, two lines for legs, two lines for arms... Talk about how each part of the body is different and useful for different things: thinking, eating, running, hugging.
Ask your tot if he remembers anything that Jesus did while He lived on earth. What did He use his body to do? (She might answer: eat, heal people, wash feet, die on the cross) Explain that when Jesus ascended to Heaven, He sent the Holy Spirit to live inside of our bodies so that we would love people like He did. Each person is a different part of Jesus’ body.

Explain how each person in your family has different gifts and personalities so that they can do the work of Jesus’ body. (For example, I’ll say that Daddy’s mind understands money really well so that he can be Jesus’ generous hand, giving money to missionaries and people who need help. Aunt Erin’s heart understands mission work so that she can be Jesus’ feet, going to other countries to befriend people and tell them that Jesus loves them!)

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