Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tot Food ~ What's on YOUR Tot's Plate?

Welcome to *What's on YOUR Tot's Plate?* if you'd like to join up, please write a post on your own blog and link to Mr. Linky below! You can just share the photos, or also share any info about what was on the plate (did your tot like it, what was it, how to make it, etc.).

I didn't get any plate shots this week but I did want to share our new snack system with you! I get SO tired of the boys asking for snacks, and I can never remember what they have had too much of recently. So, I created Snack Baskets (yes I know that's not a basket, but that's what K calls it).... The idea is that I load it with appropriate snacks and I don't reload it until they are gone. That way I know they aren't eating tons of one certain item. Here's what was in the basket when I snapped these photos...

On top of their snack baskets, I allow them to eat fresh fruit or veggies as a choice anytime, I just can't put those in the basket. I also have pre made cups in the fridge now for Krash, to be sure he drinks enough water, and milk--and not too much juice (I only allow him about 1 cup or less per day and I split it into a few cups diluted with water). He can go to the fridge and grab a cup without me having to pour every time. Plus he can easily see what he has left to drink. He will often whine about it, but oh well.

As for when they get the snacks, only when I SAY SO. It is not a free basket, it just helps them have the choice from what's left when I say it's time for a snack. It also helps me that they can get them independently in case I am nursing Ladybug or something else.

I would love to read in the comments, or see on your blog how you handle snack time at your house! ~you can also share normal tot plates this week too, I just didn't have any to share!

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Mama Jenn said...

This is such a GREAT idea!!!!!!!! You know, I might just have to try this! That way the kids also feel like they have some sort of say-so in what they get to snack on. Do you make both the boys choose the same things or can they choose different snacks? Do they have their own basket or do they share a basket?

Carisa said...


They each have their own basekt and know their color! When it is snack time I let them each chose what they want, it doesn't have to be the same.

The systems continues to work well, as long as I remember to keep the baskets loaded. Only problem is that K LOVES the system and thinks he needs to *pick a snack* more often than he should!!!

Mama Jenn said...

Alright, I think I need to make these yesterday. I just need to find some baskets of some sort to use. :-) Thanks for the GREAT idea!!!

Keri said...

LOVE this idea! Carisa- you are such a creative mommy! i am so glad that you are willing to share your wonderful and very useful ideas!!! :)

Granola said...

I did something similar when my second baby was born and it worked great! I had forgotten about it though and I think this would be super helpful again. Thanks for the reminder. :) I really like the part about not refilling until it's empty!

pink and green mama MaryLea said...

THis is a great idea, I want to do something similar with re-usable containers instead of individual packaged snacks to avoid excess plastic but I really like the bin/basket idea.. I may have to make some for my fridge with fruits/veggies!! : ) Thanks for the great idea!!

Frenchell said...

what a great idea! I am so sick of getting up when they snap for water. milk or a snack. I love LOVE the idea of premaking the drinks and having a snack basket! you have the best ideas