Friday, May 15, 2009

Terrific Tot Sites ~ Story Place

If you live in the Charlotte, NC area you might already be familiar with this site, but for the rest of you, I'd like to introduce you to ~ the Children's Digital Library hosted by The Public Library of Charlotte Mecklenburg County. The site aims to provide the virtual experience of going to the library, focusing on preschool and elementary aged children.

There are three different areas on the Storyplace site: Preschool Library, Elementary Library, and the Book Hive {a sister site to}.

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The Preschool Library focuses on themes such as trains, fish, music, bath time, monkey, and so much more. Each of the themes includes:

  • an online story read aloud to your child with graphics
  • an interactive game or activity that relates to the theme
  • a printable activity for the theme
  • a reading list of books that go along with the topic
  • a parent's activity guide (pdf format) to print off, providing activities to do at home with your child

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The Elementary Library is set up similar to the Preschool site and follows themes like mammal marathon, riddle quest, and critters. This part of the site also includes an online story, printables, and reading lists.

Be sure to hop over and visit them! Hope you enjoy this Terrific Tot Site! To see more featured sites, click here!

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Sandra said...

We have been visitng thast site for years since my oldest was a tot. They love the Zinger tales. We still visit the site often.