Wednesday, May 20, 2009


We have a special tot being featured this week, one who needs our prayers as she faces cancer. Please read below the words from Julia's Mommy and be sure to visit her blog to follow her updates if you want to pray for her!

Julia’s days are full of the simple joys that most preschoolers enjoy, however she also faces some unique challenges. On March 25th, 2009 she was having a routine ultrasound for a UTI and they found a tumor on her left kidney. We praise God for revealing it to us this way! Two days later she had her kidney removed, tumor removed, portacath installed in her chest, and was diagnosed with Wilms’ tumor cancer. She is an amazing fighter and God has so blessed this path He ordained for us. She has completed radiation and is 5 weeks into 25 weeks of chemotherapy. We are just beginning to see chemo side effects and her precious curls have begun to fall out. We would love your prayers as she continues to fight this cancer with strength and grace. We will joyfully celebrate her life at her 3rd birthday this Saturday!


Julia is an amazing little girl. She was born into our family smiling, content, and full of joy. She has kept her peaceful temperament (most days). She adores her big brother Carter and has been playing alongside him since she was 4 months old and learned to sit up and play cars. She is cooperative and encouraging is often heard saying, “Good job!” and “That’s very good!” to everyone around her. She seems to be growing right before our eyes, turning from a toddler to a preschooler overnight! She likes to sleep and still spends 15 hours a day in her beloved bed. She loves her baby dolls, cars, dollhouses, the sandbox, coloring books, school time, teaching trays, and playing with her friends. Her big smile and head full of curls charm everyone around her. We love you JuJu Punkin and thank God for you in our lives!

Favorite Tot School tools...

  1. play dough
  2. Crayola mini-twistables
  3. pattern blocks
  4. Jumbo-netics (IPlay)
  5. Tot School lapbooks
  6. homemade bathtub paints
  7. child scissors
  8. expo wipe off boards
  9. What’s That Sound? (Discovery Toys)
  10. magnifying glass

Favorite Shows...

  1. Little Einsteins
  2. Dora the Explorer
  3. Toot and Puddle
  4. Caillou
  5. Handy Manny

Favorite Books...

  1. What Do You Say?
  2. The Very Hungry Caterpillar
  3. Beginner’s Bible
  4. Five in the Bed
  5. Hey Little Baby

Julia's Mommy blogs at... Little Papi and Punkin and What to Make

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Wilson Ramblings said...

i know this sweet kiddo and she is a complete joy to be around, as is her family!!! We love you JuJu!