Wednesday, May 13, 2009



My tot's name is Jacquelyn (we call her Jacs). She came to her family in a very special way through the miracle of adoption! Jacs' has no brothers or sister yet, but she has 2 big fluffy dogs that she loves to chase! She loves to snuggle on Mommy's lap and read Dr Seuss or try and sneak up and tickle Daddy. Jacs is 18 months old and we call her our little Boo since she was born on Halloween! She is our little social butterfly- going up to other little kids in church and playgroup and telling them "hi!" And if they don't respond, she will repeat her sweet little squealy "hi" over and over again! One special thing about Jacs is that she loves to cook with mommy and taste test all the recipes!

Her (and Mom's) Top Ten Toys/Tools ...

  1. stacking cups
  2. tinkerbell toddler chair
  3. baby leap pad
  4. hokey pokey elmo
  5. little tikes tunnel/slide
  6. felt board
  7. books- especially nonfiction with photographs or books with rhythm or repetition
  8. stuffed monkey we call George
  9. the round b list: balloons, balls, bubbles
  10. couch cushions (great for caves and building bridges)

Her Favorite TV Show....

  1. Elmo's World (she's addicted... what can I say?)

Her Favorite Books...

Jacs' Mommy blogs at The Home Teacher

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