Monday, September 20, 2010

Little Books for Little Cooks ~ Look Out, Lion Cub!

Little Books for Little Cooks

Lion Bagels

lion bagel

Bagels are one of our kids favorite breakfast items, so these little critters were well received in our house!

The Book Before You Cook…


Look Out, Lion Cut! by Michele Coxon

Summary: The little lion cub starts to explore around her and meets many other animals from Africa.

When It’s Time to Cook…

You’ll Need:

  • bagels
  • cream cheese
  • olives
  • grated carrots or Chinese noodles
  • yellow peppers or sliced cheese 
  • poppyseeds
  • knife
To Make:
  1. Toast your bagel and spread cream cheese on the bagel.
  2. Slice the olives and slice the cherry tomato.
  3. Cut a crown out of the piece of cheese.
  4. Arrange the chow mein noodles around the outside of the bagel to make it look like a mane.
  5. Add two olive slices as eyes and a piece of cherry tomato as an nose.
  6. Sprinkle some poppyseeds as ‘cheeks’ for the lion and add a few more chow mein noodles as ‘whiskers’.
  7. Add the lion’s cheesy crown to the top of his head.

Hope you enjoy this cooking activity with your little one! To see more featured books and activities, click here!

Little Books for Little Cooks is a bi-monthly feature that focuses on creating some edible fun with your little one.   We will share a fun book to read with your little one along with a cooking activity to do that ties in with the featured book. Sometimes there may be actual cooking involved…and sometimes just fun!



Anissa said...

What a cute idea! Thanks for sharing!

Stefanie said...

That is adorable. My tot loves bagels so maybe I can trick her into eating the rest. LOL I'm saving that for when we get to the letter L.