Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Now I Know My ABC’s ~ ABC Website

Every single week I add the same little blurb at the top of our craft of the week, but you might just gloss over it to get to the good stuff. :) Did you even know that we have all of the ABC crafts {uppercase and lowercase} pictured and linked on our ABC website?

Instead of scrolling through endless posts, you can jump over to either the Uppercase Alphabet Crafts page or the Lowercase Alphabet Crafts page and see thumbnail images of all of the crafts that we’ve done here on the site, links to the books that we’ve used {some suggestions for other ones too!}…and more.

See how cute they are laid out for you?

ABC alphabet crafts

Don’t worry ~ we haven’t stopped doing the lowercase abc crafts! We’ll be picking right up again next week where we left off with some more super cute craft ideas to share with you all! In the meantime, be sure to check out the ABC Crafts to see if there were any that you missed!


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Mandy's Memories said...

wow! This is an amazing site!
I am a kindergarten teacher and try to do letter fun days when learning a new letter. For example, letter Pp, we wear pajamas, Rr, wear red. Do you have any fun days that you do or any suggestions? Thanks