Thursday, September 2, 2010

Once Upon a Book ~ The Mixed-up Chameleon



The Mixed-up Chameleon by Eric Carle

Summary: Your little one will giggle as the chameleon discovers he can change colors…and tries to look like the many animals in the zoo but all at the same time.

Bible Verse

Psalm 139:14

“I praise you because I am fearfully, wonderfully made.”

We talked about how God has a plan for us and He already knows what we are suppose to be.  He doesn’t want us to be like everyone else ~ we are perfect just the way God made us!


We put together this cute letter ‘c’ craft and made it look like a chameleon {of course!!}.

chameleon craft


First Aiden arranged Size Sort Chameleons on a stick, from biggest to smallest, and we worked on ordinal numbers {1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc..}.


Aiden practiced counting 0 to 10 by feeding The Hungry Chameleon flies.  We didn’t use the flies from the printout ~ we used flies made out of felt instead {we also used the flies later in the game below}. 

hungry chameleon


We printed off colored chameleons and Aiden matched the colored chameleons to the correct color word cards.



We printed off this pattern for a chameleon. Aiden colored the chameleon and then poured an entire load of glue onto the picture along with a lot of glitter.



For snack we had mixed-up frozen yogurt.  We used two flavors of yogurt and swirled them together. We put the yogurt into a paper cup, added a popsicle stick to freeze in the middle and then put them in the freezer until they were ready to pop out and eat!



We talked about how chameleons use their sticky tongues to catch flies.  To demonstrate this I added Velcro to the end of a party blower so Aiden could catch and “eat” flies made out of felt.



Aiden needed some help with the Chameleon Puzzle, but enjoyed putting the last pieces together.



Do You Have Green Skin?

{sung to tune: “Do Your Ears Hang Low”}

Do you have green skin?

Can you shed the skin you’re in?

Can you change the color, too?

Turn from green to red to blue?

Do you live among the trees?

Blending in with sticks and leaves?

Do you have green skin?

For more fun ideas and printables to go along with the The Mixed-up Chameleon, you can check out this post on my blog.

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Erin said...

I am totally dying over how clever this is!!!
I am going to follow you abc's this year. Thank you SO much for putting this together!

PlanningQueen said...

Such an impressive way to expand on the concept of the book! We have the Eric Carle ABC game which is my preschooler's favourite at the moment.

Unknown said...

I love the expanding blower. What an awesome idea.

Erin said...

Thanks again for all the ideas. Here was our C is for Chameleon week!