Monday, September 6, 2010

Little Books for Little Cooks ~ Yoko

Little Books for Little Cooks

Fruit Sushi


Not quite ready to try out real sushi at your house? This fruit version will be a sure hit in it’s place. :)

The Book Before You Cook…


Yoko by Rosemary Wells

Summary: Yoko’s favorite lunch is sushi ~ but her friends don’t think that it looks very tasty.

When It’s Time to Cook…

You’ll Need:

  • bananas
  • green fruit roll ups {we used the Shrek mini roll-ups}
  • poppy seeds
  • knife & scissors
To Make:
  1. Peel and slice banana{s} into 1/2” slices using a butter knife. Spread the bananas out on a plate.
  2. Open the fruit roll up and before peeling off the plastic, cut it into 1/2” pieces/slices.
  3. Carefully peel off the plastic wrap from a small piece of fruit roll up and then wrap it around a banana slice. Pinch shut.
  4. Sprinkle bananas with a few poppy seeds.

Hope you enjoy this cooking activity with your little one! To see more featured books and activities, click here!

Little Books for Little Cooks is a bi-monthly feature that focuses on creating some edible fun with your little one.   We will share a fun book to read with your little one along with a cooking activity to do that ties in with the featured book. Sometimes there may be actual cooking involved…and sometimes just fun!


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Such a cute idea....thanks for sharing =)