Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Feel & Find World Icons ~ Play With Me

This month our Play With Me toy is a bag filled with a fun sensory toy from the Guidecraft eco-friendly toy line for your little ones ~ the Feel & Find World Icons.


What’s in the Bag?

The Feel & Find World Icons come with 20 wooden disks and matching puzzle-piece shape inserts as well as a cloth bag to store the pieces in. The pieces are made from rubberwood and then stained with a low VOC aniline dye, so you don’t need to worry if they get chewed on by little ones in the home. 

To play the game, you typically lay the disks out and reach in the bag to find the matching shapes to fit the disk puzzles. But…here are a few different ways that you can play with the Feel & Find World Icons.

Play a matching game. Pick a smaller amount of the disks {8 to 10}, turn them facedown and take turns playing a matching game. When it’s your turn, flip a disk over and try to find that shape in the bag. If you can match it, you can keep it! Who will make the most matches?


Color Matching Memory game. Rather than match the pieces, place the disks face down on the table and flip them over in pairs. See if you can find two disks that are the same color. If not, turn them back over and let the next person try!


Stack them!! How high of a tower can you build with the pieces when they are in puzzle form? How high can you stack the pieces themselves?


Tell a story. Pick three shapes out of the bag and make up a story to go along with the pieces. If you’d like, continue pulling shapes out of the bag and adding them to your story {love this idea from Mama Jenn!!}.


A few more ideas for using the Feel & Find World Icons:

  • sort the pieces by color
  • create simple color patterns {orange, yellow, orange, yellow}
  • create a hands-on graph with the pieces. Pick 10 pieces out of the bag, sort by color and see which one you have more of.

Find Out More

Feel & Find World Icons can be purchased directly from the Guidecraft website, via their NEW Facebook page, or from Amazon. Want to win a bag of your own? Head over to visit Thanks, Mail Carrier to enter. Giveaway ends on September 7th!

Recommended for ages 3+


Much thanks to Guidecraft who provided this toy for us to use and review as a part of the Guidecraft Mom Bloggers team.

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