Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Now I Know My ABCs ~ Pp is for Panda

Summary: Two pandas seem so very different but find that they do share their friendship in common. This book is a wonderful way to introduce children to opposites.
Letter Activities:
I wrote phrases from the book on our chalkboard wall. I then read them and pointed to the letter P in panda or other “p” words. We went over what sound we heard at the beginning of “panda”. Then she was suppose to erase all the letter P’s, but she wanted to erase everything. That was totally fine! My main goal was to introduce her what the letter P looks like and what sound it makes.

We went over our Panda poem and letter sheet.

Theme Activities:

We happened to have two stuffed animal pandas in the house—perfect for being Panda Big and Panda Small! The girls each held one while we read the book. Then I put one in each tray.
In a bowl I placed 2 different size pom poms. My daughter had to sort the pom poms by size. The little pom poms went in Panda Small’s tray. The big pom poms went in Panda Big’s tray. This book is full of opposites and there were so many more directions I could have taken with these two bears and the book. One activity I had planned but didn’t get around to doing was to measure the stuffed animal bears with counting bears. Then based on how many bears, cut a length of string to be that bear’s rope (taken from the book to show longer and shorter).
We also did a pattern activity using black and white pom poms. I stuck with a simple ABA pattern because my tot is still working on understanding patterns.
Our panda craft allowed us to talk about shapes. I cut one large white circle out of felt, 4 medium ovals out of black felt, and a black heart.
I made a sample of the craft first. Then I had my tot look at my sample. What shape do we need to glue first? What shape comes next?
Here was my sample panda. He came in handy for retelling the story too.
Here’s my daughter’s panda. She decided she wanted to make hers into a puppet. She was proud of her creation and the next day she pulled off all of the pieces and put it back together again. She was excited that she remembered where to put everything. I love that she took ownership of her craft project.
Letter Pp poem and handwriting page
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