Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Little Hands-On abc's and 123's - Upper Case and Lower Case Matching

little handson Abc 123
There are countless ways of practicing lower case and upper case matching. 
Puzzles, purchased or homemade.

Matching uppercase stickers with lowercase stickers on paper. This has the added beauty of fine motor development.
I love these magnetic ABCs because they come in upper and lower case. 
I use them for many things (they live in my alphabet drawers) and one of those things is an extremely simple active lowercase/uppercase matching activity.  Kids love to be active, and I try to use this love of movement in a lot of our learning play.

Here's how to play:
I place all the upper case letters at one end of the room and keep the lower case letters with me.  I hand my child one of the lowercase letters and she goes to collect the matching uppercase letter from across the room.  If she brings back the incorrect one, she just tries again, or I may give her a clue. 

You can start with just a few letters so as not to overwhelm the child.  Using only four or five letters at a time certainly works much better with my two year old!

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Megan Tucker said...

Love this! Such an important skill for little ones to fully recognise both upper and lower case versions of letters! This makes matching them up fun! Great for particularly visual learners! x