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Once Upon a Book~ From Head to Toe



From Head to Toe

by Eric Carle

Summary:  From Head to Toe  helps you find out what your child can do!  Sure to be fun for you and your child as you go through the book wiggling, shaking, and turning your neck like animals!  Lots of action will occur from reading the pages in this colorful and classic Eric Carle book! (And you will meet a few animals along the way, too!)

Bible Verse:  For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength. (Philippians 4:13)  This book repeats the phrase, “I can do it.”  It might be beneficial to talk about why your child can do things . . . or that sometimes when things are hard . . . he or she can accomplish a difficult task through Jesus Christ.


I’ll be honest, we are on Summer vacation.  We schooled until the end of July, finding it necessary to do so since we took some months weeks off in the fall with my daughter being born. 

From Head to Toe fit in rather nicely with being “on vacation.”  As a result, Gabe was able to practice doing a lot of things with his body rather than coloring, cutting or pasting – our normal school things.  I suppose you could say that Gabe “experienced” school.

And that is what I’m really trying to share with you today . . . cut loose a bit. 

So often, I want to contain my Little and make him play or “do school” a particular way . . . the way that I envision.  When sometimes, I need to take off my jean skirt and apple button and let him learn about EVERYDAY activities:

  • like dusting


  • hammering


  • baking cookies (even you granola ladies like me. . . just go buy a tube of cookie dough; allow your Tot to cut the cookies into a reasonable size. Have him to watch them bake, if possible. Make this lesson easy on yourself!)
  • sweeping
  • picking up sticks
  • jumping over a rope
  • throwing a ball
  • getting the laundry out of the dryer
  • feeding the dog
  • play Simon Says
  • practice Red Light, Green Light
  • go on a bike ride . . . practice jumping curbs or doing wheelies


So . . . here is  your excuse to read this book and forgo an activity involving scissors and glue.  Go have a life experience with your Tot!  You might end up laughing and having some fun.

But if you need a project or a printable, here are some suggestions:

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